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A committee is currently raising money to build a planned permanent monument to honor former Tulsan Leon Russell at the historic Memorial Park Cemetery located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Russell passed away at his home in Nashville on November 13, 2016. Our goal is to raise $42,000 to cover the cost of the estate plot and construction of the granite monument and associated improvements.

The monument is designed around a grand piano in black granite to highlight the engraving of Leon’s portrait, name and dates. There will be two matching curved black granite benches for visitors to the estate that will also compliment the upright monument. We were able to get the cemetery Board of Trustees approval for the monument to be six feet in height rather than the current maximum height limit of three-feet six-inches. The placement of the monument and benches will allow for a walkway to provide a safe and easy access to visitors to pay their respects while visiting the memorial. The landscaping will be an assortment of evergreen and flowering shrubs to beautify the location.

The monument will be located on an undeveloped area adjacent to the large serene lake, near the extensive stone works ruins and in the proximity to the gravesites of Tulsa personalities Bob Wills and Reverend Billy Joe Daugherty.

While this will initially be a memorial to Leon Russell, there are plans to inter his remains at the memorial at a future date.

So that every cent donated goes directly to the memorial fund, we are bypassing the internet-based crowdfunding sites that charge a percentage of each donation as their fee, and instead ask that you take the time to mail your donation directly to Memorial Park Cemetery at the following address:

TULSA, OK 74145

Please include the name “LEON RUSSELL” in the comment line of your check so they can credit the donation to the memorial fund. Also include an email address in your letter if you want an email confirmation of receipt of your donation. Weekly updates of our progress towards our goal will be posted on this website and as well as on Facebook.

Effective 1/24/17, Memorial Park Cemetery will now accept credit card donations. Call 918-627-0220 and tell the person that answers the phone that you want to donate to the Leon Russell Memorial Fund with a credit card. They will take your information and mail you out a receipt.

Effective 1/29/17, checks sent to Memorial Park Cemetery should be made payable to:
LEON RUSSELL MEMORIAL, as Memorial Park has opened a segregate account to hold the funds for the memorial stone.

On behalf of the family of Leon Russell, I’d like to thank you for your kind consideration in helping us to have a permanent remembrance and final resting place for our cherished Leon.

Kathy & Steve Todoroff
Committee Co-chairs




















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